A unique nature experience

9 – 14 August 2024

Start and finish at Tynset

The mountain region is a fantastic area that offers perfect cycling routes. You will experience secluded alleys, airy mountain slopes, pine bogs, rivers, lakes, exciting surprises behind every bend from start to finish. The route is varied and includes dirt roads, paths, carriage roads and asphalt.

Registration starts on 1 February 2024 - maximum 200 participants








A round

The route is one long round; you decide where and when to stop to eat, and where and when to stop to sleep.


Follow the entire route via the GPS track that is loaded into a cycling computer or smart phone.


There is no time limit; you decide the pace and arrival at the finish line. 

Manage oneself 

Expect no assistance from the organizer. Escort cars are prohibited. Feel free to cycle with friends as it is an advantage to share some equipment and help each other. More about facilities along the way.


Which bike you use is up to you. Terrain or gravel. It is permitted to use an electric bicycle (you must plan the charging of the battery yourself).

The weather

Fortunately, we are not responsible for weather conditions that arise. Follow along yr.no and make a good plan.

Route 2024 – brief description

Start and finish Tynset Torg.

The trip starts north up Brydalen via Gammeldalen to Tolga. The railway and county road 30 are passed for course Dallsbygda and the steepest hill of the trip towards Os. At the Os bridge, the trip goes along Glåma via Galåen to Røros. Glåmos and Aursunden - the start of Norway's longest river is passed, then heading south towards Olavs-gruve, Storwartz and Røros. The trip continues through Mølmannsdalen, Grådalen to Tufsingdal. From Narbuvoll there are steep climbs over the mountain to Øversjødalen. Øversjødalen community center offers bicycle washing, accommodation, food and catering. About. half the trip has now been passed.

Orvdalen and Sølendalen take you to the highest point of the trip, Hovarden 1064 m above sea level. After long descents you reach Rendalen and Bergset. From Bergset, the trip goes to Hanestad in Østerdalen, which is now followed on the west side of Glåma via Aumdalen/Finnbudalen to Alvdal. From the Aukrust center the trail goes north towards Savalsjøen to Savalen and down to Fåset. From there, follow the Old Kingdom road to Tynsetkrysset, where you are led to the underpass on R3. Cycle path back to Sparken Tynset Torg.

Planning tools you will have access to after registration:

Detailed description with analogue map.

Full overview of most accommodation options along the trail, grocery stores and sports shops entered according to distance travelled.

Specific permits have been obtained to pass through nature reserves and private seat roads week 32.

Experience the Österdalen

As a participant in North East Gravel, you will get a rare nature experience. Get to know the best of the sturdy Österdøler and the mountain villages have to offer by; culture, food, mountains, Säterdaler, rivers and lakes. And not least all the nice cycle paths and roads.

For some, it may be an escape from the daily routine: you want to get out of the "comfort zone" and experience days without thinking about time and place. Planning all the kilometers and hours on the bike seat will not always be 100% predictable, something unexpected will certainly come up. We recommend packing the bike smartly and preferably not exceeding 10 kg of luggage.

The offer of accommodation will vary and you will find supplementary information on our website. Here you can choose whether you want to sleep under the open sky, or make use of the district's many cozy accommodation facilities.

When you reach the finish line you will find a protocol that you must sign confirming that you have completed North East Gravel.
The prize will be all the great experiences you've had along the way.

Freedom on two wheels

North East Gravel is an adventurous free-time activity for those of us who enjoy cycling, and want to experience proximity to nature and culture, and meet people.

When you arrive in Tynset, perhaps the day before the start, you will be welcomed and you will meet many new cycling friends and feel the atmosphere.
The start will take place early in the day and already during the morning you will be deep in the northern Österdalen seat alleys. You're in!

The GPS track on offer is the result of months of planning hard work, and contains some of the best the North East Valleys can offer a cyclist.

Get to know the best of the trusted Österdøler and the mountain villages can to offer