Rules, terms and conditions

North East Gravel (hereafter also called the organizer) is a cycling event that does not require a license from the NCF or other national cycling federations. Number of participants limited to 200.

1) Registration

All persons who have reached the age of 18 at the time of registration can participate.
As a participant, you must have valid travel/accident insurance.

2) The route

The tour starts at Tynset Torg/Sparken and ends in Tynset and has a length of approx. 380 km. The route runs on dirt roads, carriage roads and paved roads. The organizer will give all participants a GPS led. The participant is responsible for assessing traffic and road conditions, including roadworks, driving bans, detours and any other unpredictable situation that may arise along the planned route.
Contestants may deviate from the designated track at any time and resume it later, using alternative routes at their discretion, if conditions so require. The organizer reserves the right to change the route up to a few days before the start.

3) Joint start

Event date and start is 9 August. Registration and collection of participant bags is 8–9. August in Tynset Torg/Sparken. The detailed program of the event will be available to each participant via email. Mass start at 09.00 at the time of dismissal.

4) Observe the traffic rules!

There is traffic along the entire rout. You will encounter pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, ATVs, cars and lorries. Parts of the trail are closed to motorized traffic.
Crossing the Røros line at Tolga and Røros requires extra attention!

Please note that the last 20 km of the trail pass through an area where the TransØsterdalen off-road race will be organized from 16 August. One will possibly pass markings.

5) Environment / Rubbish

Nord Østerdalen has great and beautiful nature. Everyone, you as a participant and us as the facilitator, has a joint responsibility for making sure it is just as nice after the bike ride. Parts of the route go through nature conservation areas where we have applied for a dispensation from traffic bans and other parts go through landscape conservation areas. DO NOT THROW THINGS ALONG THE TRAIL! Leave waste in waste places/rubbish containers etc, or take it with you to the finish line. The tour takes place in areas with grazing animals and these must also be taken into account. Remember that you pass behind the animal, not in front!

6) Necessary equipment

All participants must be physically prepared for the fact that this is a long cycle ride. Participants must be able to use GPS and have basic orientation knowledge. No trail signs have been posted.
For their own personal safety, in the event of an emergency, each participant is required to carry the following minimum safety equipment

  • Reflective vest
  • Whistle or bell
  • Mobile phone
  • Approved helmet. ALWAYS on your head!
  • Front light and rear light
  • Wind/waterproof clothing
  • VIPPS/Cards Visa/Mastercard/cash NOK
  • Necessary equipment for repairs and punctures
  • First aid kit
  • Light sleeping bag 700-1200 gr. is recommended as accommodation options can be critical in parts of the trip.
7) Registration and participation fee

Registration opens: 1 February 2024. Registration closes 31 July.

Participant fee:
• From 1 February to 29 February • NOK 800 Early bird
• From 1 March to 30 April • NOK 900
• From 1 May to 31 July • NOK 1,000

Registration includes: Track file in gpx format, start number, participant bag etc., map, participant list and participant meal on Thursday 8 August.
Access to toilets and showers at the finish line, 08.00–22.00.

8) Validity of the registration

The registration is considered valid when the electronic registration procedure has been carried out, and the participation fee has been paid in full.

9) Registered, but not allowed to participate

It is not possible to replace a participant once he or she is registered. Mao the place cannot be sold. If a registered participant does not participate in the event, a refund will be given not the participation fee.

10) Cancellation and change of place/date for the event

Cancellation - If the event does not take place due to force majeure such as pandemics or war, etc., the amount paid at the time of registration is not refunded, but the participation fee alone is considered valid for registration at the next event.
The organizer can demand a sum, equivalent to a maximum of €15.00, to possibly cover insurance costs for postponing the registration until next year.
Registration for the following year must be done by the date specified by the organization after the cancellation of the event.
Change of location/date – If the event has to be moved due to force majeure or other serious reasons, the organizer reserves the right to change the location and/or date of the event within the same calendar year.
In this case, the fee paid for the registration will be valid for the event on the postponed date, at no extra cost to the participants. However, it is not possible to transfer the registration to the next year's edition.

11) Changes/information

The only official channel for information is the event's website, or email. Participants are themselves responsible for keeping up to date on any changes/adjustments.

12) Approval, consent, authorization etc...

Upon registration, each participant must:

  • Confirm having read and accepted the rules/conditions
  • Confirm being in good physical shape.
  • Be aware that the event is not a competition with timing and rankings.
  • Be aware that the organizer does not offer health care, catering or other services along the route
  • Be aware that the organizer is not responsible for any to recruit participants who choose to end the tour.
  • Participant, accept that pictures and videos of them, taken in connection with the event, will be published on the Internet and in the media, and will be used in marketing the event.

In case of acute illness contact:
Nord Østerdal emergency room – 62485160 / 116117 or 113 emergency center/ambulance
Røros emergency room – 116117

In case of accidents:
Put on a reflective vest and give first aid - call 113 / 110 / 112

The organizer is exempt from any responsibility for any incidents that may occur along the way, such as: accidents, loss of route, physical problems, theft, etc...
The trademarks and material of the event are protected by copyright.